Coming in 2021

Pink Variegated Lemon

The pink variegated lemon is one of the most popular fruit trees for home-grown citrus. It provides lemons very quickly.  And it is fairly effortless to grow.  And pink lemons, WOW! 

pink variegated lemon

Tango Mandarin

The Tango Mandarin was developed only a few years ago by UC Riverside.  It is an easy peel clementine-type of fruit that is super juicy with no seeds!  The trees have hardy, glossy green leaves. The fruit begins to mature in January and can stay on the tree until April in some climates.

tango mandarin featured image-georgia grown citrus

Thornless Key Lime

The thornless key lime tree is THORNLESS. It has very aromatic foliage and flowers with small, thin skinned, fragrant fruit and a traditional, sour lime flavor. It bears a crop year-round. Thornless Key Limes are the go-to lime for beverages and Key Lime Pie!

thornless key lime tree-coming soon-georgia grown citrus