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About Us

We grow and sell citrus fruit, trees & supplies to homeowners and commercial growers.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lindy Savelle. My husband, Perry Savelle, and I welcome you to our website and hope you find what you’re looking for, whether that be trees, fruit, supplies, or information. We share what has worked and not worked for us on the tree care Q&A pages. We express to others we are by no means citrus experts, but we can definitely say what not to do. Growing citrus in Georgia is new and different. We have made some mistakes through trials and errors along the way and we are happy to tell you about them. But, before we send you off to other pages, we first would like to give you a thumbnail summary of who we are.

Lindy grew up in Mitchell County, Georgia- Perry in Thomas County. Perry was a banker for 20+ years and then a cattleman for 25+ years. In 2015 when Lindy retired from a federal law enforcement career spanning 30+ years, they decided to return to their roots in Mitchell and Thomas counties, where they own two small farms. Part of their plan was to bring their farms back to life, so to speak, and give back to their communities through the development of alternative niche, yet sustainable agricultural commodities. After researching everything from pomegranates to persimmons and lychee to crawfish, they decided citrus was the best fit for them and a commodity that would stimulate growth in Georgia’s agricultural economy.

Lindy and Perry planted a commercial citrus grove in Thomas County and a test plot in Mitchell County. They now sell fresh farm-grown Satsuma oranges, seedless tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, navels, mandarins, blood oranges,

thornless limes, and kumquats to the public right off their homestead called JoNina Farm near Ochlocknee, Georgia. In addition, Lindy and Perry started Georgia Grown Citrus LLC, (GGC), a commercial tree nursery hub partnering with four other commercial nurseries which propagate citrus trees for sale to commercial growers and homeowners. Among the available varieties GGC sells is the University of Georgia’s patented seedless, cold hardy citrus varieties found on the Specialties tab.

Over the last six years, citrus has become the primary topic of table discussions with family and friends. As we continue to grow our website and our business, we will be introducing you to our family members and friends in the business, so come back to visit us often.

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Our Mission

The mission of Georgia Grown Citrus is to help entrepreneurs rediscover Georgia’s small family farms by promoting and educating them about the unlimited potential for the citrus industry in our state. Citrus is truly that one commodity a small family can do together; instead of capital equipment, all is needed is a bit of effort, determination and family cooperation. Lindy has served as the President of the Georgia Citrus Association since its inception in October of 2016. In addition, she also serves on the board of directors of the Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association. Serving is her give-back, not only to her community, but to our state. Lindy and Perry encourage everyone-commercial growers, homeowners, and citrus enthusiasts to become a member of the Georgia Citrus Association as we grow this commodity to the industry level in the coming years.

Georgia Grown Citrus is a Proud Member of these Organizations

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