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Citrus in Georgia!

Whether you’re looking for strong, frost hardy trees for your own backyard/commercial grove or fruit from our Georgia Grown Citrus varieties – you’ve come to the right place.

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Forget Everything You Knew About Fresh Citrus

The only reliable citrus trees and fruit don’t just come from Florida and California anymore! For our lifetime, citrus has been only available in a very specific climate. However, we use a variety of patented techniques to grow a diversity of citrus trees right here in Georgia. We start with a cold-hardy rootstock and bud/graft a scion that grows well in our region on to that rootstock-thus propagating a cold-hardy citrus tree. In addition to trees, we offer our fruit for sale during citrus season, as well as citrus tree supplies and various products. Browse our website, call us, email us or send us a message to learn more.  And most of all, thank you for visiting us.

Citrus Updates

We’re here to help you stay in the know about everything citrus. Georgia Grown Citrus is committed to giving you information and tools you’ll need to get the best fruit possible.

After a 30+ year in federal law enforcement, Lindy and her family returned to their rural roots in South Georgia.  She found that helping develop the citrus industry in Georgia was a way to give back to her community, all the while encouraging the return of the family farm concept to agriculture across the state. 


Thinking About Growing Citrus?

We have worked hard developing our system for citrus growth and we want to share it with you. Let us help get you ready to grow your own frost-hardy citrus today!


Planning & Planting


Tree Maintenance


Tree Training Tips With Lindy

Learn how to train your tree to grow healthy and strong. Watch as Lindy walks you through some tree training tips.

Try our Citrus Tree Care Kits; they come with all the nutrition your tree will need to get started the first year.